Below are answers to some of the most Frequently Asked Questions.  If you have suggestions for other Q&A that should be included, please send them via the "Contact Us" tab.
1. How much are tickets and what do they cover?
Tickets are $75 per person and are required for the dinner/dance only. This fee covers the venue rental, meal, DJ and soft drinks.  Alcoholic drinks are not included.

The social on Friday night and campus tour Saturday am are free, but please RSVP so that we know how many to expect.

If you plan to golf on Saturday at noon, please RSVP so that Brandon can make reservations.  The cost is anticipated to be about $50 per person, payable at the golf course that day.
2. What should I wear to the dinner/dance?
This is by no means a formal event.  We chose Pine Ridge Club in part for its more rustic, comfortable atmosphere where everyone can just focus on enjoying ourselves and reconnecting with old friends.  Wear what makes you feel good... if that means rockin' parachute pants and a half shirt, more power to you! ;)
3. I didn't "technically" graduate from THS in 1990... am I still invited?
Technicality, schmechnicality...

If any of the following apply to you, you should come:
  • You moved to another school before graduation
  • You didn't graduate, or got a GED instead
  • Your crazy parents shipped you off to Marist for high school when in a just world, you should have been with your friends at Thurston (OK, this is just for Jennifer Pungercar, but I am still bitter)
  • You went to middle school with everyone and for whatever reason, didn't end up going to THS (like Jennifer, only, insert your circumstance here_____________)
  • You're in a class or two above or behind 1990, but are thinking of crashing our reunion to see everyone anyway
  • You WANT to come
Short answer... please come.  We want to see you!